Elite Euro Car Care | FAQ

Porsche, BMW, MINI, Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Volvo and Land-Rover cars.

Our Porsche service covers all years and versions of the 911 (1963-2018), Cayenne, Boxster, Cayman, Panamera and now the Macan. We do not work on the 356, 914, 924, 944, 928 cars. Our Mercedes, BMW and Audi services start about the model year 2000.

No, you do not need an appointment but we think it is always best to call first. We are a busy shop, but never too busy to help. We do have a schedule to keep and we work hard to stay on task so your car can be returned to you. We don’t do like the doctor and make hourly appointments because a repair shop cannot function well like that. When your car is received we will get to it as soon as possible. It is best if we talk first, that way your car can come and go and your expectations can be met.

We are always happy to provide you with an estimate. All of us need to know where our money is going and why. We believe estimates should be based on a couple of simple principals. First, the estimate should be based on known facts, not guesses. We believe that hearsay or what is read on the internet and what someone else has said has proved to be wrong so often that we don’t spend our time and effort making estimate guesses. Second, even though we work on these cars daily each car is unique. What that means is the estimated cost of repairs for your car may well be different than for a similar make and model. The VIN numbers, production dates, vehicle options and current condition effect the estimating process. We use these variables every time we make an estimate or order parts. We must do everything properly or we have wasted effort and time.

A lot of our estimates are not charged to you. These are the simple problems like a water pump leak, worn out clutch, bad drive belt, brake work and a broken this or that. These kinds of simple, easy to find issues are gladly estimated as a courtesy to you. But many times your car has to be tested with one of our various electronic testers to check for trouble codes and to analyze live data information. If we have to perform testing on your car, do disassembly for inspection or work on the car to find the problem or to gather the needed facts to make a diagnosis for you we do charge for that. Anything beyond a test drive and visual inspection is a work process and we must charge for our work, just as you get paid for your work, so must we. The only way we can be of help is to have your car in the shop and spend the time to check it out. Call us and we will get started off on the right foot, headed the right direction to help you with your needs.

We do very little “wait work” because almost everything we do takes a lot of time to do. Most light bulbs and 5 minute jobs can be done while you wait. The problem is that we stay so busy and the clock ticks so fast that we must stay on task to make our time commitments. Yes, we want to help everyone and will do our best to take care of your needs but it is difficult if you wait for us to help you when we have so much to do. Call and ask our front office what can be done to help you as some days are better than others.

All kinds. Routine factory maintenance to keep your car rolling with you happy and safe. Simple repairs like light bulbs, belts, water pumps and brake work. Major work such as engine repair of all kinds along with transmission and drivetrain repair. Electrical and electronic work of all kinds from simple to very complex. Drivability issues are daily repair issues for us. All dash warnings can be effectively dealt with. Climate control, interior systems, suspension repairs, alignments and the list goes on, all using the latest and greatest equipment. We also do most of our own machine work in house, very little is ever sent out. There is an old term that is still used to describe a shop like ours: HEAVY LINE. We can do it all from front to rear, top to bottom. There really are not too many heavy line shops still in business because the required commitment is high and the jobs have gotten to so hard that most shops now do only the easier work. Wouldn’t you? The workforce that does this level of work is not the norm, they are the exception. We do good, solid work and are proud of it.

Yes, we are happy to help you. We know and understand how these companies work and what they are looking for. We will help navigate the way.

On almost all repairs we offer a warranty that is 12 months with unlimited mileage for the parts and the labors. If there is a change in the stated warranty we will inform you and tell you why. We have never side stepped a warranty and have always addressed warranty situations candidly and in forthright manner. We will never make excuses. The warranty we are most proud of has no time nor mileage limit. We warranty our WORKMANSHIP with no limits. Workmanship means we did the job properly and didn’t install something upside down, backwards or sideways. We used the right procedures, didn’t mess things up, the hardware is correct, everything is back in place and nothing is loose or hanging. You get the idea, the job was done correctly. It’s easy to offer an unlimited workmanship warranty because if the right things were done now then years later they will still be done right. These jobs are not hog-tying contests and they are not slammed out. We want the jobs to go right and be right when we are done and so do you.

The simple and upfront answer is NO. Our business model is built on projected parts and labor sales. There are historic financial indicators that are used to keep us in business. When these numbers are intentionally skewed by a loss of parts profit we are put in an awkward position of performing the work, shouldering the liability, providing the facilities and expertise and then not realizing the proper profit that enables the business. It has been said many times throughout the years that the labor profit pays for the staff and the monthly overhead. The parts profit pays the owner’s wage and provides for the equipment to do the job. You could swap these “what pays for what” around but we’re sure you understand the thought here. You supplying the parts is sort of like stopping off at the grocery store and buying a cheaper steak before going to the fancy steak house and asking them to cook it for you. The professional shops supply the parts, labor and expertise for a proper end result.

No, we don’t. We firmly believe our charges are fair and reasonable and are based on earning our place in the market place and in turn providing enough money for us to be able to stay in business for the long haul. The only special we offer is our services. We believe we are different than most shops in our business approach and philosophy and we are unique in our comprehensive mechanical expertise. You can be the judge of that.

Yes, he is almost always in the shop. He still works on the cars and stays very busy. If you need something or have a question please call and discuss your needs with the front office. The staff is very good about answering your questions. They will help you.

We do not own a tow truck. We have been recommending (NAME)) Towing for years. They seem to charge a fair price, never damaged a car that was brought to us and they are always nice on the phone. Their number is: XXX_XXX_XXXX. If you contact them after hours they will drop your car off inside our locked area.

Very little. We don’t warranty your new car, they do. Other than that we provide the same repairs, both mechanical and electronic that they do with one exception. There are a few control units that are not sold to us because the auto manufacturers are concerned about your personal information. That concern extends to some engine and transmission control units that have the car’s VIN programmed into the control unit. The VIN is not personal information. Go look at your windshield, you and anyone else can see the cars VIN. Two things are in play there. One, very few shops can successfully program these control units with the latest software version, but we can. The return rate of these improperly programmed but partially functioning control units to the dealers has been high and they are very reluctant to sell them over the counter. Two, our federal government has forced the dealers to sell these if we sign up as certified and bona-fide locksmiths. So you have pay the sign up fees and the continuing subscription fees that never stop. These types of control unit replacements would constitute only a fraction of a percent of our business so we chose not to play with the 'powers that be'. Other than these types of control units we provide the same services but our services are tailored for you. We replace, version code and program every control unit with the exception of a very few. Bring ‘em on, we can do it.